Beyond flow.

Beyond Innovations.

More than valves.

At Strataflo, we look beyond the normal to provide innovative solutions that bring more value to our customers. In 1939, our molded rubber poppet was invented to provide better sealing and longer-term performance over O-rings. Since then and right up to today, we are engineering new refinements and innovations through our know-how, state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing to bring more value to you.

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We are geeks (and engineering pros) at solving challenges requiring a custom solution. Let us help you with yours.

Create Your Custom Valve

Our patented, modular valve system can be sized and spec’d with your choice of materials to suit your requirements. Build your modular valve today.

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Strataflo Standard

Need a standard check or foot valve? Our standards are higher than most. Check out our full line of sizes and specifications for almost any application.

Find Your Standard Valve

Every valve that bears the name Strataflo starts with our proprietary American-made castings, machined to exacting tolerances and built with craftsmanship by skilled hands.

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