About Us

How we go beyond flow

We are relentless and spirited in pursuit of innovation, craftsmanship and dedicated relationships; we deliver a premium customer experience that distinguishes us in the industry.

Our Advantage

Our exclusive one-piece poppet, along with other key design features, yields numerous advantages over ordinary check valves. You won't find O-rings in our products! After assembly, each valve is tested to ensure casting integrity and backflow prevention; only then is it branded with the Strataflo name—your assurance of quality.

Tested and trusted

Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System ensures that our valves are built with the highest standards, each and every time. Every valve is tested to ensure casting integrity and backflow prevention. We are the OEM valve of choice because of our proven reliability.

Premium Innovations

We are called to a higher standard. As such, our unique designs offer an uncompromised approach to customer value and satisfaction, melding state-of-the-art technology and design with over 80 years of proven success.

Dedicated Relationships

Our mission is to provide a premium customer experience that distinguishes us in the industry. Beyond our unparalleled quality, we achieve this mission through every interaction with our customers, from honest and friendly customer service to skilled technical support to easily customized products to accurate and immediate shipping.

Mavericks at Heart

We aren't afraid to get creative when it comes to solving problems. Our solution-based thinking allows for the best outcome in any situation, from designing new innovations to developing better manufacturing processes to custom projects, no matter the quantity. We look forward to the challenge!

Our Story

Beginning in 1939, Strataflo became known for the performance of our innovative and durable rubber poppet. This unique, patented design earned the respect of military engineers, pump manufacturers and well professionals alike. Strataflo then designed a metal poppet to solve the problem with metal-to-metal seals. This unique, precision-machined innovation also became a success—this time in oil, gas and steam applications. These core innovations, along with over 80 years of precise manufacturing and rigorous testing practices, are what have made us a recognized brand with a premium reputation.

Our Markets

Our markets are broad and vast, from basic plumbing installations to heavy commercial equipment. No matter the application, we will meet our customers' expectations of quality, reliability and service.

  • Residential and Commercial Plumbing
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Industrial Pump Systems
  • Ships and Boating
  • Restaurant Fryers
  • Diesel Engines
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steam Boilers
  • Well Drilling
  • Custom Valve Design and Manufacturing
  • Residential and Commercial Irrigation
  • Car and Truck Wash Equipment
  • Fire Suppression
  • Offshore Oil Rigs
  • Commercial Dishwashers
  • Power Generation
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Railroad
  • Water Softening Equipment
  • Military Applications
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