Check Valves

Strataflo check valves are manufactured from a one-piece cast body, optimized for flow. Available with a rubber or metal seal (depending on application), our unique check valve design stabilizes the poppet, making them fully VFD-compatible while incorporating a precision spring which allows them to operate in any direction.

Rubber Poppets

Conical rubber poppets are fully molded around a solid steel insert, which makes the seal more durable than O-rings.

Stainless Poppets

Stainless poppets are precision-machined to create a positive metal-to-metal seal for rigorous industrial applications.

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Brass with Rubber Poppet

Brass with Stainless Poppet

Lead-Free Brass with Rubber Poppet, NSF 372 Certified

Lead-Free Brass with Stainless Poppet, NSF 372 Certified

Nickel Plated with Rubber Poppet

Nickel Plated with Stainless Poppet

Stainless Steel with Rubber Poppet

Stainless Steel with Stainless Poppet

Modular 303 Stainless Steel Series

Modular 316 Stainless Steel Series

Aluminum, NSF 372 Certified

Special Use