How to choose a foot valve

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Foot valves are located at the end of a piping system, unlike check valves which are located in the middle. They are most commonly used for pumping fluid from a source, such as a pond, well or tank.

The primary function of a foot valve is to seal with minimal head pressure, allowing the piping to be full of fluid and ready to use at any time. Often, this type of valve has a metal screen that helps prevent larger pieces of debris from being suctioned into the line. Strataflo foot valves feature a unique strainer coil that has the same function but also resists clogs.

To ensure optimal performance, it’s important to choose a foot valve size that meets your flow requirements. Strataflo offers a wide range of foot valve sizes for multiple applications.

When choosing a foot valve, first consider the type that’s needed. Similar to check valves, foot valves often use a flapper or swinging seal to maximize flow and minimize pressure loss. Springs are sometimes used to help seal the valve; however, they are not necessary in most cases.

Once you know the type of valve that’s required, you can select the right materials for your application. Primarily, foot valve bodies are manufactured in bronze, stainless steel or plastic, but can be made of other materials as well. Seals are also available in a variety of materials. Body and seal materials should be chosen based on the type of fluid that will be flowing through the valve.

Another important consideration is foot valve size. To ensure the valve fully impedes the flow of fluid, the correct Cv, or Valve Flow Coefficient must be selected. This is the measure of flow capability—how many gallons per minute that can flow with a pressure loss of 1 psi. You will want to select a foot valve size that maximizes flow and minimizes pressure loss. Pressure rating is also a consideration. Ensure the valve selected has a maximum pressure rating that fits the application’s pressure. Strataflo offers foot valves in a wide range of sizes and flow rates.

If you have questions on how to select the right foot valve for your application, contact the experts at Strataflo.

Strataflo Bronze Foot Valve for use with air and non-potable water