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No. F352 Check Valve


Double-tapped check valve is generally used for submersible pump installations or when it is necessary to attach a pressure switch, pressure gauge, snifter valve, drain or blow lines, or adding chemicals. Offered in 1/8″ or 1/4″ NPT tapping.

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Type: Check Valve / Material: Lead-Free Bronze / Seal: Buna-S / Fluid Type: Drinking Water / Special Uses: Double-Tapped, NSF Certified

Lead-Free Double-Tapped Check Valve with Buna-S Rubber Poppet

The No. F352 is certified by NSF to contain less than 0.25% lead by weighted average and is compliant with CA, LA, MD, VT state laws and U.S. Safe Water Drinking Act. The No. F352 comes standard with a Buna-S rubber poppet, an extremely durable compound for use with potable drinking water. All other internal components of stainless steel. Each valve is tested twice for casting integrity and backflow prevention. All valves are 100% American-Made and built to last.


Part Number Pipe Size Flow Rate (Cv) Overall Length Valve Diameter Valve Weight
F352-100 1" 13 GPM 3.69" 2.00" 1.25 lb.
F352-125 1-1/4" 24 GPM 4.57" 2.41" 2.00 lb.
F352-150 1-1/2" 38 GPM 4.88" 2.69" 2.45 lb.
F352-200 2" 61 GPM 5.56" 3.34" 3.90 lb.
F352-250 2-1/2" 69 GPM 6.79" 3.81" 7.15 lb.
F352-300-F 3" * 185 GPM 7.40" 4.71" 11.80 lb.
F352-300 3" ** 69 GPM 6.79" 3.81" 8.15 lb.
F352-400 4" 205 GPM 10.00" 5.80" 21.70 lb.

Cv is flow (GPM) with a 1 psi differential pressure. NPT threaded. **New valve: Standard female threads on both ends, Cv factor of 185. **Original valve: 2-1/2" valve body with 3" male thread on both ends, Cv factor of 69.

Materials & Operational Specifications

Part NameSpecs
BodyCast Bronze C89833 or C87500
Stem303 Stainless Steel
PoppetBuna-S Rubber
Spring 302 Stainless Steel
Cup Washer 304 Stainless Steel
Locknut18/8 Stainless Steel
Country of OriginMade in the USA
Max. Temperature225°F
Working Pressure400 psi
Cracking Pressure 1-2 lbs.
Opt. Cracking Pressure 1/2, 5, or 10 lbs.

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